Sump Pumps & Ejector Pumps

Sump Pumps and Ejector Pumps in Munster, IN

Sump Pumps

A sump pump collects water from the area surrounding the foundation of your home or building and redirects it so that it does not gather and flood. If your sump pump fails to work, the surrounding water could cause significant and expensive damage to the foundation of your property, including basement flooding and even mold growth. We are a small, local company, in your neighborhood. Honesty, integrity, we care, a familiar faces, over 20 years of experience, friendly honest pricing.

Your plumbers in Griffith, Indiana are expertly trained in protecting your home from flooding and dampness. We know how to maintain your old systems to prevent flooding. We also offer new systems that can provide protection with two sump pump configurations: one as a primary sump pump, and one as a maintenance-free battery backup to ensure safety even without power! This new system allows our clients to feel safe and secure even when they're on vacation.

Ejector Pumps

When you flush the toilet, use the sink or do anything else in the home that involves waste water, you can thank both gravity and ejector pumps for making sure the waste leaves your home. When dumping water, gravity will move the water downward through the pipes scattered throughout the home and leaves through the main drain line in the floor or on the outside wall. The ejector pump moves water from a basement bathroom which goes into a pit and is pumped to the main drain line in the wall or the floor.

Since gravity alone can’t remove the waste from some basement bathrooms what happens if that crucial step – the ejector pump – one day fails? If that occurs, flushed water and waste can build up in the pipes and the pit and eventually leak out of the pit or through the floor drain or tub/shower drain – usually at their lowest point. Unfortunately, for most ejector pumps, there’s no way to know when it has failed other than a sewage leaking event occurring in the home.

If you experience an ejector pump failure, please contact us today and let our professional plumbers fix it.

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