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Kitchen sinks, bathtubs, and bathroom sinks can often become clogged or partially clogged. This results in an inconvenient stoppage or slow drainage. Every day, many items other than water go down your drain. Hair, toothpaste, soap buildup, and grease can accumulate over time and contribute to your clogged drain. If your drain is currently clogged or has slow drainage, it most likely will require a drain-cleaning machine to remove the build up and restore water flow. Trying to prevent drain blockage by monitoring what goes down it is effective for future clogged drains.

Sewer Cleaning

The most common cause of sewer line blockage is from tree roots. Tree roots all around your sewer pipes are seeking the moisture and nutrients that are in the pipes. Small cracks or openings in your sewer pipe can allow roots to penetrate the pipe. Once the roots enter the pipe, they use the moisture and nutrients in the pipe to grow until they have restricted the water flow in the sewer. Tree roots require a heavy duty-cleaning machine that cuts through the tree. Perfect Plumbing’s specialists have experience and the proper tools to deal with tree roots.

Video Drain Inspection

If you've had a sewer or drain backup, this might be a sign that your system has started to fail. Chances are the backup will happen again if the issue is not properly repaired. Video inspection can help to determine what is causing the problem. Whether it's deterioration due to age or roots growing into the water, we'll be able to see the problem and handle it properly. The process typically requires about 2 hours to complete and we will go over the finding with you once it's complete.

Septic Systems

Septic systems are usually found in urban areas where sewage treatment plants are unavailable. Septic systems will adequately absorb and purify waste water if the septic system is properly maintained. After some time, solids in the septic tank begin in accumulate and require removal. If not removed, the solids will overflow into the drain field and clog the openings in the soil. Failure to unclog or pump your system in a timely manner will most likely result in a new system needing to be installed. Call Perfect Plumbers for all of your septic system maintenance and installation needs.

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